Student loans. For about 70% of college-bound individuals, these are dirty words. But for most, they are also a necessity. The prospect of signing up for [potentially] decades worth of debt might not sound too appealing. However, the reality is that 助学贷款 are still perhaps the most realistic option for the majority of Americans to pay for their higher education.

这样说,这句话“student loans”不必引起恐惧。如果要立即制定行动计划,那么该人也许可以在放学的头几年内偿还相当一部分篮球直播吧。那’正是Romario Nicholas所做的。他以$ 109,000的余额开始,仅用1.5年的时间就赚了大约47%!那’s incredible! It’这也是非常可行的,这是以下视频的重点。观看Romario解释他如何完成这项非凡的财务壮举。

有关更多个人理财内容,您可以查看Romario’s 的YouTube channel 这里.


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